Percutian mama ke Bali, Indonesia

Salam all,

Mama wants to repost our old picture 2014 ..of a family holiday to Indonesia, Bali.
Bali Indonesia is very different from other places because the island of our island like we go to Redang, Malaysia or Perhetian Island, Malaysia but its city with tourists from all over the world ... it looks like a foreign island. But the old city of Bali's indigenous cultural custom as well as beautiful islands is still intact and is a tourist attraction.

Memories of beautiful beaches like dinner at Jimbaran Beach while watching the sunset is unforgettable. But be careful to eat there for sure to eat halal and ask the ingredients first. We're more comfortable eating pastry and grilled fish there.

Another places that must be visited is the surrounding islands as well as beach and water sports around the island of Bali ... compare to others place in Indonesia,  Bali rather expensive then
others and sometimes price put or display in careful and make sure if you want to buy it, let do  bargaining the prices first or ask the price clearly:) .

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